Don’t bite the hands that feed you | (Edited via Canva) | Picture source: Lea Koba via Unsplash

Everyone is greedy. Everyone. Don’t believe anyone who says they aren’t, they’re lying. From the devious businessman to the peaceful monk. Everyone thinks about themselves. That’s not always a bad thing. Greed is good. In fact, good greed should be the focus.

The minute I began looking at people this way, my perspective changed. I don’t mean we should look at people cynically. Judging what’s this guy’s motive, and what’s she playing at. No, that’s not focusing on other people’s greed. I’m talking about focusing on my own greed. That’s the point of this rant — focus on your own…

Sometimes you see your reflection. That’s the real you. | Source: Matt Hoffman via Unsplash

Have you ever had black coffee? What does it taste like? No no, I’m not talking about the smell of the coffee beans, the heat that awakens you, or the kick you get in the morning. I’m talking about the taste as the dark, death-life liquid hits your tongue. Take a moment, look away from the screen, and describe it’s taste out loud.

Now, let’s proceed.

We own so much in life and use so little. The core of everything is the same. What’s the point of dressing it up, giving it a different name, and doing the same…

Is that me in the sky? | Source: Crictracker

“Reading, I found, was a good way to take my mind off things.”

If the ‘thing’ you’re taking your mind off is facing a 150 km per hour cricket ball bowled from 22 yards, reading might not be the best help. But it did help Rahul Dravid. It helped him craft his everlasting personality, on and off the field. One book, in particular, got his eye at a very young age. And through its words, the great man built his philosophy.

I picked up “Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a story” by Richard Bach not because I’m interested in seagulls. Or for…

Fitness is confusing. In order to understand it, and achieve it, you need a framework. Everyone has a framework to pursue their fitness. In this blog, I will detail mine. It isn’t the only one, or the “right one.” It’s the one I’m following currently. Take it for what it’s worth.

A framework for complex things builds a better understanding. Having a framework to think about fitness will ensure better programming and achievable goals. It will also prevent injuries because you know what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t. …

This is not me, but it will be | Unsplash

I’ve always been fascinated with weightlifting. I remember watching the Olympics as a child fascinated by the barbell. I always wanted to learn…

Let’s cut the crap. You thought this was a sentimental outpouring over Olympic weightlifting? One that would segway into my learning it? Well, it isn’t. I don’t know the first thing about the snatch or the clean and jerk. But, and this is the truth, it’s fascinating. I’ve always wanted to learn these movements.

The only way I know how to learn them is to try it and document the journey in words. …

Not everyone at once | Source: Sam Moqadam via Unsplash

No, I’m not talking about a fitness cult. I’m talking about Which might seem like the same thing. It isn’t.

For the initiated, is the fit-tech (healthtech?) start-up that’s spreading like wildfire. Everyone and their mother has joined it, or have at least taken trial classes. Part of the umbrella, and ending everything with “.fit” might seem like it's all about fitness, and to a large extent, it is. But beyond the app, fancy equipment, and endless hi-5s— it's just a fad. A fad, a craze, a dying enthusiasm that won’t get you to your fitness goals…

Source: Jen Theodore, via Unsplash

A pull-up is a simple exercise of pulling your body up with your hands. You need to have the strength to pull yourself up, and not be too heavy to not pull yourself up. This is why a pull-up is a good marker of being strong and lean.

In this post, I’ll detail the process of getting your first pull-up. This is based on what worked for me personally. This may not work for everyone, and might not be the optimal way to get a pull-up. …

Source: The Print

Congratulations! You’ve decided to buy a cycle for the Indian roads. This could be because you’re tired of your car, you need to save some money, are looking to shed some weight, or have become environmentally conscious. Whatever the reason, this is the first step to a simpler life.

Before you actually realize the benefits of cycling, you have to make a ‘big decision’ — what cycle should I buy? That’s a difficult call, made even more difficult by the number of brands, features, and use-cases in the market. Understandably, one can get confused, or make the wrong choice. Further…

It’s not always grind or die.

The way I see it there are two ways to do something, you either do it or you do it efficiently. Both will give you the same result. The task will be done, but only one will be efficient. That’s the one you want.

Let’s start with the first way of doing something. Doing something without a structure, plan, process, backstops, data and other essentials of efficiency, will ensure you do it ‘eventually.’ However, because nothing is decided, you don’t know where you’re going and by extension, how and when you’ll get there.

Any act or its action can be…

Don’t trample on the truth with fake steps | Source: Michael Carruth via Unsplash

Positive self-affirmations are probably the most narcissistic, attention-seeking, and useless activity one can engage in. And what’s worse, it doesn’t help, it only exacerbates the problem.

There’s a growing fad of “affirmations” where every ‘helpful activity’ engaged in or repeated is met with a self-pat-on-the-back to provide encouragement. People use this as a motivating tool to get themselves out of a negative habit or build a positive one through small, self-conscious, self-congratulatory steps, which eventually leads to a bigger change. Based on positive reinforcement, this mental parlor trick aims to create an internal reward system where you create self-appreciation, build…

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